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Gold Bar Disposable Vapes
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SKE Crsytal Bar SKE Crystal Disposable vapes have only grown in the vaping market with their unique design and taste , which customers only come back to. By far one of the best disposable vapes to choose fromSKE Crystal bar Vape come in over 30+ of the best crystal flavours. SKE Crystal vaping bars are filled with 2ml of 20g high quality nic salt e-liquid powered by a 500ml battery capable of generating approximately 600 puffs. SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vapes. Want bulk buy crystal vapes. We now wholesale so you can get your favourite crystal vapes in bulk at...
Elf Bar Disposable Vape   Elf Bar Vapes are the UK Leader in the Disposable vapes market. Elf Bar 600 disposable vape pods have achieved a lot of success in a very short period of time - Completely outpacing other vaping brands who don't even come close!  Alot of vaping brands have attempted to imitate the style and flavour of Elf Bar disposable vapes however, to no avail.  Consumers have a lot of confidence in the Elf Bar Brand and have remained loyal, this is reflected in the current market where demand for their products is high - Elf Bar...

 Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are  simplest and more effective way to vape these days especially if you’re making the transition from cigarettes.. 

Buying disposable vapes makes sense.

They are so easy to use and by far are the best starting point if you’re a beginner. 

Why choose disposable vapes you may ask? Well firstly there is no need to recharge or refill the vapes hence the reason they’re call disposable.

Another benefit of buying disposable vapes is that they are compact meaning that they are pocket sized so that you can take them anywhere and use them at any time.

Popularity has grown for the disposable vapes and this is evident amongst the next generation of vapers , whom have disposable vapes on their buy list.

With so many popular flavours to buy there is something available for everybody. 

The disposable vapes are available in different nicotine strengths including 10mg and 20mg with a much smoother nicotine hit unlike cigarettes. 

We have created an article on best buy vapes vs cigarettes where we going on depth analyse of each.  The results for Vapes are surprising.


What are disposable vapes?


Disposable vapes like the name suggests are disposable after use - Unlike a vaping kit which needs refilling or recharging.

Disposable vapes on the other hand are disposed after when you've completed the maximum number of puffs which is usually 600 amongst the standard of vapes.

Best of all disposable vapes are very cheap to run. A low one-off cost. There is no setup costs involved which is the case with a traditional vaping kit.

The disposable vapes are so easy to operate that you can begin vaping in seconds -

Once you’ve removed the vape out of the packet and the rubber inserts from the mouth piece and the airflow. 

it is very good cheap investment buy if you’re a cigarette smoker because you’re making the switch and it can significantly reduce the harm done to your health unlike cigarettes.

Disposable vapes however do have nicotine which is an additive substance but without all the harmful substances contained in cigarettes such as tar, carcinogens and other harmful content.  - These are the main causes of cancer.


How long do disposable vapes last?


There is no correct or exact answer for this one like no answer for how long does a box of 20 cigarettes last.

This is solely dependent on the user. 

If you take heavier and longer puffs then your disposable vapes won’t last as long.

Disposable vapes contact 2ml of e-liquid which allows you to get 600 puffs before you need dispose of the vape and go onto your next buy.

If we use cigarettes as a benchmark as an example then you'd get about 15 puffs from one cigarette. 

Therefore, one disposable 20ml e-liquid vape contain 600 puffs is equivalent to 40 cigarettes. 

A Disposable vape can be bought for as little as £5.00 which is excellent value for money. 

Why not check out the true extent of how much you can actually be saving if you made the switch to Disposable vapes.


The Results are shocking and Truly amazing. 



Do disposable vapes expire?


Yes, like with all products vapes expire.

However, the speed at which the vape expires is dependent on the temperature, usage, and storage.

Most Disposable vapes you buy have an average shelf life of up to 2 years from production.

Disposable vapes such as elf and SKE Crystal will actually tell you the exact date that the disposable vapes were manufactured and also when they are due to expire.

You can find all this information on the side of the vaping box.


Exposure to sunlight can cause disposable vapes to lose their taste significantly.

It can cause the battery to overheat and potentially explode.

That’s why we recommend you keep the vape out of sunlight and in a dark place.



What are the best disposable vapes?



With so many disposables vape on the market claiming to be the best vapes to choose from we have a short recommendation for you to choose from,

These recommendations are from the main players in the disposable vapes market. 

  1. Elf Bar. By far the market leader in the disposable vapes market. They are definitely #1 for the best disposable vape to buy online.  Why?  Well for a start their great taste as well as the huge selection of endless flavours to choose from. Better yet Elf bar has now introduced Elf bar V2.  Now even more to choose from!
  2. Lost Mary Disposable vape by Elf Bar. A light compact vape that is compatible for all occasions. its lightweight and small size makes it ideal for when you’re travelling. Better yet there are over 30 different flavours to choose from, Some flavours not even available in the elf bar range.
  3. SKE Crystal Vapes. By the far one of the most popular vapes on the vaping scene. Named after its design the crystal it has only gained popularity amongst vaping fans around the world. SKE holds a mere 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine with a 500mAh battery allowing up to 600 puffs. Like the Lost Mary the SKE Crystal is light weight and pocket sized. There are various different flavours to choose from including banana ice, blue razz lemonade, gummy bear, pineapple peach mango and many more.

Disposable vapes with the various sweety flavours available givens vapours choice;

The taste quality not seen in vape kits begs the question why do disposable vapes taste better. 

Well, the main reason is due to the Nic salt with the disposable vapes

e.g., elf bar, SKE Crystal and lost Mary.

Nic Salt contained in disposable vapes. 

Disposable vapes can make very strong flavoured Nic salt - Therefore tailoring to what the consumer actually wants.



Vaping is great and can be enjoyable.

However, at the end of the experience there can be a burning taste which can cause vaping to be off putting. 

Fear not, what the burnt taste indicates is that the coil is burnt out. 

The most common reason for the disposable vapes to be burnt out is that the vape has come to an end. 

The best and most appropriate thing to do at this point would be to stop using the vape.

Check the e-liquid level again.

Replace the disposable vape by buying a new disposable vape.


Once you’re ready to buy your next disposable vape don’t forget to recycle your old vape. 

Recycling vapes is so important especially for the environment. 

Avoid simply throwing finished vape in a bin, as it can instead cause more harm than benefit.

The process of what happens to a disposable vape is simple and straight forward.

Firstly, each material is processed; every single element within the vape is so important in the recycling process.

The metal is melted down, the plastic is recycled and the batteries are sent to a specialised facilities whereby there are available as a buy back option for the manufacturer to buy and use the component to create another disposable vape.

There many places to recycle including your local recycling centre, also supermarkets and stores whom participate in the disposable vape recycling scheme by providing dedicated bins for you to give your finished disposable. 

All these actions go a long way to helping the environment and ensuring that you’re responsible vaper. 


Where can I buy disposable vapes?


Thunder vapes is by far the best place to buy disposable vapes.

We have a huge selection of disposable vapes to buy online including elf bar, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal and many more.

Best of all we now offer Bulk Buy vapes including Elf Bar, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal Vape and many more., meaning you can now enjoy your favourite vape flavours in boxes of 10 and 20. Even better, we offer them at very cheap competitive prices. 

We offer free delivery on orders over £30.00 when your buy disposable vapes. Disposable vapes can be bought through our online portal thunder vapes.

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