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Nicotine Salts, the choice for vapers who seek a satisfying, smooth experience with a quick nicotine hit. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping or looking for an e-liquid that delivers a gentler throat hit at higher nicotine strengths, our extensive range of Nic Salts are some of the best available on the market.

Nic salt e-liquids are created in a way that better mimics the natural nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves and often ingested when you smoke cigarettes. It means that they tend to be the perfect choice for those who need a substantial nicotine dose as they move away from smoking, or for those who find traditional e-liquids are quite harsh on their throat.

Many nicotine salt brands are also exact replicas of disposable vape flavours and are usually made by the same companies. For example we sell Elfliq nic salt e-liquids which are made by ElfBar and have many of the same flavours as their disposable vape range.

So, browse through our carefully curated selection from leading brands like Elfliq, Nasty Liq, Firerose, Elux, IVG, and SKE Crystal. Whether you are a beginner looking for a simple start or you've been vaping for a while, find everything you need right here.

What Are Nic Salt E-Liquids?

Nicotine salts are not all that different from other traditional e-liquids. The difference is that they use a form of nicotine that is closest to its natural presence in tobacco leaves. This innovative formulation is designed to cater to smokers transitioning to vaping and anyone looking for a smoother vape overall. 

The Science Behind Nic Salts

Creating a nic salt e-liquid involves a complex process that begins with extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves. This nicotine, initially in its purest freebase form, is then chemically bonded with organic acids, most commonly benzoic acid, though other acids can also be used. The end product is a stable compound with a much lower pH level e-liquid than in a traditional freebase e-liquid formula.

Are Nic Salts Better Than Other E-Liquids?

You might find that nic salts have a bit of an edge over traditional freebase nicotine, especially if you're after a quick nicotine hit to satisfy those cravings! What's great about nic salts is their improved bioavailability. This just means that your body can absorb nicotine more quickly and efficiently when you vape with nic salts. It's quite similar to the immediate feeling you get from smoking a cigarette, but cleaner and controlled. This makes nic salts a really appealing option, particularly if you've recently switched from smoking to vaping or if you're someone who doesn't like waiting for your nicotine cravings to subside.

Another fantastic benefit of nic salts is that you can vape them at lower temperatures. This is not only good for your device's battery life, helping it last longer, but it also helps maintain the true taste of your e-liquid. For those who really care about a great flavour experience and a smooth throat hit, this is quite a big deal. The lower temperature vaping ensures that even with high-nicotine e-liquids, you're still getting a gentle and enjoyable experience. Isn't that something?

Can You Get Nic Salt E-Liquids In The Same Flavours As Disposable Vapes?

Absolutely, you can enjoy nic salts in a variety of flavours, and yes, that includes many of those popular disposable vape flavours you might already love! What's happening now is quite exciting, many manufacturers are recognising that vapers appreciate the convenience and familiarity of disposable flavours but know that they are going to be banned in  the near-future. So, they've started to offer these popular flavours in nic salt form too.

This is fantastic for vapers who enjoy the ease of disposables but are looking for more longevity and flexibility in their vaping experience. With nic salts available in these familiar tastes, you can use them in your refillable vape devices. 

What Strength Of Nic Salts Is Best?

When it comes to selecting the ideal strength of nic salts, it really boils down to your personal nicotine needs and previous smoking habits. Nic salts are designed to cater to a variety of preferences, generally available in strengths ranging from a milder 10mg up to a more potent 20mg.

If you're someone who's transitioning from being a light to moderate smoker, starting with a 10mg of nic salt might just hit the sweet spot for you. It's enough to satisfy your nicotine craving without overwhelming you. On the other hand, if you've been a heavier smoker, you might appreciate the stronger 20mg option, which is designed to deliver a more robust nicotine hit to effectively manage those tougher cravings.

The beauty of nic salts is their flexibility. It’s a smart idea to start with a lower strength. This way, you can gauge how your body responds and then adjust up if you find you’re needing a bit more to keep the cravings in check, or even dial it down if it feels too strong.

The Best Coils for Nic Salts

When it comes to selecting the ideal coils for your nic salts, think about going for higher resistance usually above 1 ohm. These coils are wonderful because they operate at lower wattages, preventing your e-liquid from heating too quickly and evaporating, which can lead to burnt coils a not so great taste. Coils designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping are especially suited to nic salts because they closely emulate the act of smoking a cigarette.

Ideal Devices and Kits for Nic Salts

If you're exploring nic salts, you'll find that pod systems and starter kits tailored for MTL vaping fit the bill perfectly. These devices are equipped with integrated high-resistance coils and typically run on lower power outputs. This setup is perfect for efficiently using nic salts as it keeps the vapour production at a comfortable level without sacrificing the quality of your vaping experience. Such devices are designed to be easy on beginners but satisfying enough for seasoned vapers looking for a reliable, everyday vape.

The Perfect Starter Kit for Nic Salt Beginners

For those just dipping their toes into the world of nic salts, choosing the right starter kit can make all the difference. A great starter kit for nic salt e-liquids combines user-friendly features with consistent performance. Pod systems like the JUUL, or those from trusted brands such as Aspire and SMOK, are fantastic choices. They come with refillable pods, straightforward interfaces, and are fine-tuned to work with nic salt e-liquids. These kits are not just easy to use but are designed to make your transition to nic salts as smooth as possible, ensuring a satisfying vape right from the start.