Lost Mary Disposable Vape   Lost Mary Vapes are a part of the Elf Bar Group with their unique design.  A much small disposable Pod with just as great taste and popularity as the Elf Bar. Lost Mary Vapes offering an unrivalled taste. In comparison to other disposable vapes the Lost Mary BM600 remains lightweight, compact and has a very colourful style to it not to mention the unrivalled taste that is has to offer. Lost Mary disposable vapes come in a huge range of different flavours including blue razz cherry, cola & gummy bear to name a few. All Lost...

Lost Mary Disposable Vapes

Lost Mary a brand under ElfBar is available in the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes,
QM600 disposable vapes, AM600 disposable vapes.  Lost Mary disposable vapes are relatively cheap and easy to use.  No need for recharging or refilling. 

What are Lost Mary vapes?

Lost Mary is a mini sized, easy to use disposable vape with a huge selection to choose from. Unlike traditional vape pods there is no need to recharge or refill, simply start puffing immediately and once you're done. Buy another one and let the fun begin again.

How much nicotine is there inside a Lost Mary Vape?

Lost Mary disposable vapes contain 20mg of nicotine strength per ml.  You can get a total of 600 puffs from a lost Mary which is equivalent to 40 cigarettes.

How many Lost Mary flavours are there?

There are approximately 38 Lost Mary vape flavours and growing. 

Due to the high demand for Lost Mary vapes the flavour count is set to continue to rise.  The current flavours include blue razz ice, pink lemonade, Mad blue and many more. 

As Lost Mary vapes are very popular the manufacturers work to ensure that there plenty of different flavours to suit everybody’s taste bud.

How to spot a fake Lost Mary Vape?

It is very important to check that your Lost Mary Vape is genuine so you have trust and also a great vaping experience. 

There are 2 ways to check the authenticity of a Lost Mary vape:-

A) Simply scan the QR code it should then direct you to the Lost Mary website to confirm authenticity.

Ensure it is the correct website and not an imitation.

We have left the link to the correct site.

All Lost Mary QR codes are unique and cannot be replicated therefore the next best thing crooks will do is create an imitation landing page. Always check the URL and make sure it is not followed by numbers or exclamation mark or similar. 

B) Enter the 18-digit QR code on the Lost Mary website, again the 18 digit codes are unique and cannot be replicated.

The Manufacturer has also added the number of the times checks have been done using the 18 digit codes you have entered. 

If for example a check has been done over 100 times prior to you checking then it may be a fake suspect as the 18-digit code has been copied.  

image showing how to check if a Lost Mary Vape is real

How much are Lost Mary vapes?

At Thundervapes we offer vapes at a very reasonable price.  You can buy a lost Mary vape for £4.99.  There is also next day delivery available.  Shop Now.

Are Bloody Mary Vapes the same as Lost Mary Vapes?

Bloody Mary and lost Mary are similar in the vapes, design, shapes, flavours and size. However, they are separate companies altogether. 

Everything including the name of bloody Mary sound similar however, it is only an alternative to the Lost Mary available to buy in the Marketplace.     

How to dispose of a Lost Mary Vape?

Please make sure that Lost Mary vapes are disposed of correctly and responsibly.
This helps go a long way in helping the environment.

In addition, once recycled the battery can be reused again inside a new vape.

Firstly, avoid placing the vape inside a general bin as this can cause a build up of vapes that can be a huge issue. Instead keep the vape inside a separate container and drop off to either a WEEE bin at your local recycling centre or stores that offer dedicated bins for vape disposable.

Are Lost Mary Vapes illegal?

No, Lost Mary vapes are perfectly legal and available to buy at Thundervapes now. 

They are specifically manufactured for the UK Marketplace adhering to the TPD laws as the vapes tank capacity are within the legal limits. 

Certain Lost Mary vapes that illegal are not for the UK marketplace include Lost Mary Vapes that require charging and also vapes that have a significantly higher tank capacity such as the Lost Mary 5000 puffs.  

How long does a Lost Mary Vape last?

This is dependent on the user’s preference. 

All Vapers are different, Some consumers maybe light smokers while others maybe heavy chain smokers. 

If we use the cigarette comparison as a benchmark then in this example somebody who usually smokes 20 cigarettes a day and then decided to switch to a lost Mary would find that the vape would last them 2 days. 

It would be significantly cheaper also as a lost Mary only costs £4.99 whereas 40 cigarettes (2 packets of 20 cigarettes) would cost £25.00.

That’s a huge save of over £20.01. 

If we were to look at this example over one year then that would be a massive saving off £3,649.33 – In addition to financial reward there would also be a huge advantage to the user’s health by switching over to vapes as the Lost Mary would be a much safer option,

It is also recommended by health Experts & the NHS that tobacco smokers take this route.  

We have written an entire article on the comparison between vapes and cigarettes.

Although vapes are cheaper there are other things to consider.

Why not check out the full article to understand why.    

Can you take a Lost Mary vape on a plane?

Yes, you can take a lost Mary Vape onto a plane. 

The maximum number of batteries allowed on a plane is 20. 

These must be kept in the hand luggage. 

As Travel providers are different, please check in detail their rules especially as certain countries may restrict the vapes.

Do Lost Mary vapes go out of date?

Yes, vapes go out of date, however the manufacturer gives sufficient time for you to consume the lost Mary vape.

Approximately 2 years. To check the sell by date, refer to the side of the lost Mary box where it provides the full information of when the goods expire. 

If you do decide to keep the disposable vapes unused and consume it at a later date then we would highly recommend you store the vape in the cool place preferably at room temperate. 

In addition, store in a dim place away from direct sunlight otherwise this may cause the quality of the vape to deteriorate.

Is there sugar in Lost Mary Vapes?

No, there is no sugar present in the lost Mary vapes, however there are ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol that give the impression that there is.

How easy it is to use Disposable Lost Mary Vapes?

Lost Mary Vapes are fairly straight forward and easy to use.

Due to its compact size it make it easier for you to store unlike a pod kit. 

With the Lost Mary you simply put in the pocket and at a later stage puff.

That’s it. 

There's no need to recharge or refill simply dispose of the vape once it is finished.  

Is Lost Mary made by Elf Bar?

Yes, Lost Mary disposable vapes are made by elf bar, however, Lost Mary is a separate brand in its own self which makes it very unique and distinct. 

Lost Mary and elf bar vapes are quite similar in colours, size and flavours. 

Lost Mary vapes are known to be more compact and have flavours not available in the elf bar range such as the menthol and triple melon.

Are Lost Marys being discontinued?

The government has indicated plans to phase out disposable vapes in an effort to address environmental concerns and regulate the vaping market more tightly.

It’s important to remember however, that the UK government has not actually given a specific timeline for this discontinuation. And in the meantime, Lost Mary Disposable Vapes remain an incredibly popular product for people who are quitting smoking as well as those who simply enjoy a vape.

How to know when a Lost Mary is finished?

There are several ways to check whether your favourite Lost Mary vape is finished.

Knowing these things will automatically help you to identify when your lost mary needs re-ordering.

Firstly if you've have ever puffed a lost mary vape you would have noticed that there is a LED light that lights up, Once this stops lighting up then it means the vape is finished.

Secondly, if the vapour tastes burnt it is also another indication that the vape is finished.

At Thundervapes we offer bulk buy option so you don't have to worry about having to keep reordering. In addition, we also offer the bulk buy option in all the available flavours and at great prices. Shop Now.

Lost Mary Flavours to buy

At Thundervapes we have over 38 exotic Lost Mary Disposable vape flavours for you to choose from including

bamboo aloe, blackcurrant apple, blue razz cherry, blue razz ice, blueberry, blueberry sour raspberry, cherry ice, cherry peach lemonade, cola, cotton candy ice, double apple, grape, Juicy peach, kiwi passion fruit guava, mad blue, Mary bull ice, Mary jack kisses, menthol, mint tobacco, orange gummy bear, pineapple ice, pink grapefruit, pink lemonade, pink senorita, red apple, Sakura grape, strawberry ice, strawberry kiwi, triple berry ice, Triple mango, triple melon, VMT, Watermelon ice, watermelon lemon, berry combos, lemon lime, pina kiwi lemonade, straw golden pina.

Shop Now for these and many more vapes only at Thundervapes.

What flavours are included in the popular Lost Mary Variants?

Most Fans have asked what flavours are contained in the more sought after variants in the Lost Mary Range.

Below we have included a brief summary of the content for 4 of the popular offerings. 

If there are any others please leave a comment in the comment section and we will cover the flavours.

Mary Jack kisses - Think of diving into a pool of juicy blackcurrants with a sneaky splash of aniseed for an unexpected kick.

Mad Blue - It's like a berry bash with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries all thrown into the mix. Sweet, tart, and totally berry-licious.

Pink Senorita - Picture sipping on pink lemonade but with extra punches of orange and lemon juice. It's citrus heaven in a vape.

VMT - A grape, raspberry, and blackcurrant trio that's all about delivering a fruity smackdown. Sweet, tangy, and bold.

Lost Mary Bulk Buy Option

As well as single buys, Thundervapes also has wholesale option.

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You can buy Lost Mary Disposable vapes direct from Thundervapes we have over 30 different flavours to shop from.

If you love Lost Mary so much there is an option to bulk buy Lost Mary Vapes so you get that endless feeling even after you've finished the first pod. 

Why Buy Lost Mary Disposable Vapes from ThunderVapes?

Thunder Vapes is the best place to buy disposable vapes offering all the flavours and also the opportunity to bulk buy. But why? What makes thunder vapes the best place to buy Lost Mary disposable vapes?

  • Authenticity Guaranteed

With so many counterfeit Lost Mary disposable vapes being sold in the UK, it's important to buy them from reputable retailers who are able to prove their Lost Mary vapes are safe and genuine.

At ThunderVapes, we directly source our Lost Mary disposables from ElfBar, guaranteeing that every product you purchase is genuine. Each vape comes with a unique QR code for you to verify its authenticity, ensuring you get the product you’re expecting to pay for.

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We understand the value of hard-earned money, which is why we offer Lost Mary disposable vapes at very reasonable prices. Our pricing strategy ensures that you get the best deals without compromising on quality. With vapes starting from just £4.99, we make sure that you can get your Lost Mary vapes even on a tight budget

  • Next-Day Delivery

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