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Embark on a vaping journey like never before with the New Elf V2 Bulk Buy—an opportunity to elevate your vaping experience while enjoying unbeatable savings. Designed for those who appreciate both quality and quantity, this bulk package of Elf V2 disposable vapes is a true game-changer. Immerse yourself in the sleek and sophisticated design of the Elf V2, a disposable vape that seamlessly blends style with substance. Now, imagine having a bundle of these cutting-edge devices at your fingertips. The New Elf V2 Bulk Buy is not just a purchase; it's a commitment to an extended period of vaping pleasure....
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Elf Bar Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vapes
Elf Bar Disposable Vape   Elf Bar Vapes are the UK Leader in the Disposable vapes market. Elf Bar 600 disposable vape pods have achieved a lot of success in a very short period of time - Completely outpacing other vaping brands who don't even come close!  Alot of vaping brands have attempted to imitate the style and flavour of Elf Bar disposable vapes however, to no avail.  Consumers have a lot of confidence in the Elf Bar Brand and have remained loyal, this is reflected in the current market where demand for their products is high - Elf Bar...

What Are Elf Bars?

Elfbar vapes are relatively easy to use, cheap and come in a variety of flavours.

They achieved major success in the UK in such a relatively short period of time with the Elf bar Disposable 600 vapes; managing to remain consistent and not just a trending brand, fans alike have enjoyed the endless flavours elfbar has to offer with over 30 best buy elf bar flavours to choose from.

Elfbar has gone from success to success they have rolled out other lines entering other areas of the vaping market,elfliq nic salts, elf kit as well as an addition to the disposable vapes collection with the elf V2 Disposable vapes.

Thundervapes now offers bulk buy elfbar disposable vapes so you can enjoy your favourite elf bar as box of 10.

Best of all bulk buy means that you can get much cheaper than you usually would get if you were to repeat purchase saving you time and money. 

Elf bar vapes recently launched in the UK. They are easy for beginners and for those people who have been vaping for a while.

Unlike Mods that require either recharging or refilling elf bars can be used immediately and then once used, you then dispose of it  and then you start again with a new vape. 

Thundervape is proud to announce that we stock all the original Elf Bar vapes available to buy including the Elf V2 disposable vapes.


What are elf bars Disposable vapes

Elf bars are cheap and easy to use disposable vapes you may have seen them on social media or heard about them.

They are perfect for people getting into vaping transitioning from smoking.

It is relatively easy on how to use the elf disposable bar. You simply open the packaging and puff on the vape. 

There is no need to charge and fill the vape. Once done you simply dispose of the vape and ready to start on a new one. 

There is no need to refill or maintain. 


how long does an elf bar last


This depends on the vaper’s preference.  Elf bar vapes come with up to 600 puffs. Elf bars contain approximately 20mg of nicotine.

If you’ve ever wondered why does my elf bar taste burnt this is absolutely normal as it simply means that the vape is finished and needs replacing; you will also realise that there is no more vapour being produced.


how to dispose of elf bar

Simply open the elf bar device and remove the battery using protective gloves ensuring that you are taking extra precaution. 

Detach the cotton and plastic tank from the battery.  We would then advise you to take to your local recycling centre, recycling bank or your local supermarket. 

Doing so helps the environment as the batteries can be recycled to be used again. Making elf bars recyclable.   


How many elf bar flavours are there?

There are over 30 different elf bar flavours and growing.

Why not check out the elf bar vape page where you can also buy elf bars. 

There are many flavours to choose from include blueberry sour raspberry, cherry, cola.  Prominent flavours include mad blue.

Elf Bar mad blue vape is a very popular vape that consists of sweet tastes broken down into blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. 

Another usually rich flavour that the elf bar vape offers is the elf bar berg. which includes very rich fruity flavours including rich tart forest berries, aniseed and icy, menthol.


Are Elf bar vapes legal in the UK

Yes, absolutely as there are 600 puffs they are within the legal limits - Like with tobacco products, you must be over the age of 18 to purchase all vaping products.

Elf bars contain approximately 2ml of e-liquid.  All our vapes of TPD compliant and come directly from the manufacturer. In general, to check the authenticity of an elf bar simply scan the QR code on the outer box.

It should take you direct to the manufacturer’s website 



Can you take an elf bar on a plane

The simple answer is yes. You can take an elf bar onto a place providing it is kept on you in your carry-on luggage and that it adheres to the standard hand luggage regulations.

Most airlines allow for up to 10 disposables on a flight. 

For specific regulations please confirm this to your airline guidelines online.


Do elf bars go out of date

Yes, there is an expiry date on the side of the packaged box along with the batch number.

We recommend you use the vape before best date to get the maximum taste and performance. 

If, however, you do decide that you will consume at a later date then we recommend you store the elf bar vape in a safe place at room temperate and away from any direct sunlight.

Shop disposable vapes at thunder vapes the best place to buy elf bars, we offer all the different flavours available to buy.


Is there sugar in elf bars

 No, there is no sugar in elf bars however due to the sweetness there may feel that there is, the key ingredients in elf bars is propylene glycol is used mainly in other food products and cosmetics - It is not harmful and is considered safe for consumption.


how long does elf bar 600 vape last?

Every vaper is different and therefore the answer may vary depending on the history of the vaper. 

The elf bar 600 vape may last a heavy vaper around one day and a casual vaper it may be a bit longer up to 2-3 days.  If your a heavy Smoker and want Bulk elf bars and great prices then check out our elfbar bulk buys.

Again, these vary depending various factors including habit etc. 

The estimate puff count of elf bar is 600 puffs, this is the legal limit in the UK – This is equivalent to 40 cigarettes. 

The average cigarette smokers puffs up to 15 times before putting out the cigarette and therefore 15 x 40 equals 600 which is equivalent to the number of puffs found inside the elf bar vape.

This is an advantage of vaping in comparison to smoking cigarettes due to the price element.

We have created a full article on vapes vs cigarettes where we go into full depth of the comparison, even though we have discussed that elf bars are cheaper than cigarettes you will be surprised on which one comes out on top, so be sure to read the full article.

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