Vaping versus smoking

Vaping versus smoking - Which One Should I choose


Cigarettes can be very harmful to yourself there are long term effects to you and those around you.  An alternative to smoking cigarettes are e-liquid vapes (AKA e-cigarettes).  In nutshell e-cigarettes are very similar to cigarettes as both contain nicotine.  Cigarettes are more harmful to a user then e-cigarettes which would be considered a safer option.  Cigarettes can have a long-term negative effect including causing lung cancer and many other negative effects.

In this article we’re going to discuss vapes in comparison to cigarettes and outline how vaping can potentially a much better option to smoking on so many different levels. 


Vaping comes in all shapes and sizes. The vaping industry has a seen massive shift over the years in comparison to how it first originated.  Originally it was first a device that required you to purchase mods to fill the tank, which made it complicated and confusing.  However, these days you a can now pick up vapes that don’t need any topping up or recharging known as disposable vapes.  Disposable vapes are inexpensive, easy to use and you get a massive 600 puffs.






Cigarette Average cost - £18-£22 – box of 20                                        



Single 600 puff Vape -£5.00


As you can clearly see there is quite clear distinction in regards to the price of the disposable vapes in comparison to the cigarette price.  Let’s break it down further. Typically, you can get approximately 15 puffs from an average cigarette whereas the disposable vape you can get up to 600 puffs – that’s equivalent to a missive 40 cigarettes. 


2 boxes of cigarettes @ Total £36-£44  =  1 disposable vape @ £5.00


In regards to monetary value you are saving a huge amount of money if you were to choose disposable vapes over cigarettes.  Over a course of a year that figure would run into the thousands depending on the consumers smoking habits not to forget the potential health implications caused by smoking cigarettes.






Both Cigarettes and all vaping products including disposable vapes carry nicotine.  The difference is that One is very harmful to you where as the other is way less.  

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Cigarettes have been around for a very long time, unfortunately there is a huge negative stigma to smoking cigarettes that holds true.  Cigarettes deliver nicotine burning tobacco which creates some very harmful toxins.  Cigarettes have so much proven health risks, the main one being cancer. The main causes of these issues arise mainly due to the way the nicotine substance is delivered.

On the other hand and on a much positive note vaping products delivery nicotine in an e-liquid format, which is proven to be much less harmful.  There are no way near any similar side effects of vaping - Even better news you can now get nicotine free Vapes.


A recent study suggested that market share of disposable vapes has increased from 24.7 % to 51.8%.  The study hints that there is a transition from tobacco to vaping. 

The national statistics of the UK firm Statista published a report back in August 2023 that suggested that the annual UK Expenditure of tobacco purchases is declining year over year. 2022 21 billion down from 37 billion in 2005.  Again suggest that consumers are making a transition to vaping products and so can you.  




In summary vaping is a much better option to smoking from a financial perspective and a health aspect, we would definitely recommend if you’re smoking cigarettes to make the switch to vaping to today.



Which vaping is best and where do I start?

As there are some many different vapes out there, there is a huge choice and we can understand it can be very overwhelming for a newbie.  Therefore, for a starting point we would recommend disposable vapes, simply because they are easy, quick and cheap to use.  Simply open the packaging and away you go.  No need for instructions its that straight forward.  Best of all there are some many brands and flavours to choose from.  Our 3 best and main disposable vapes we would recommend would be:



  1. SKE Crystal Disposable Vape


 Ske Crystal Vape

  1. ElfBar Disposable vape



    3.  Lost Mary Vape

 Lost Mary



We have also left links for where you can buy these disposable vapes. Thundervapes all offers liquid, mods and other vapes should you wish to make the switch. Shop Now.


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